Pariez sans crainte de restrictions avec les bookmakers hors ARJEL sans VPN

Bet Without Fear of Restrictions with Non-ARJEL Bookmakers

France is known for its world-renowned sports betting, particularly with bookmakers operating within ARJEL – l’Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Ligne. Bookmakers without ARJEL licensing often require VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to reach their platforms, however, by utilising certain providers you can avoid restrictions and bet freely.

Benefits of Non-ARJEL Bookmakers

  • Bonuses and Betting Markets – Not part of ARJEL, these bookmakers have much more competitive bonuses, as well as a much wider selection of betting markets.
  • Variety of Sports – Non-ARJEL bookmakers can cover more diverse sports, more markets and many more betting offers.
  • Higher Odds – By betting with non-ARJEL bookmakers, you can find higher odds on more varied markets.

How to Avoid Restrictions via VPN

Fortunately, with VPN technology, you can bypass any restrictions and bet freely with bookmakers not operating within ARJEL.

  • Find a VPN provider that supports the required software for the desired bookmaker.
  • Download the software and install it on your device.
  • Choose an IP address that has no restrictions.
  • Log into the bookmaker and place your bet.


Betting with non-ARJEL bookmakers, though restricted in some parts of the world, offers many benefits and slightly higher odds, but VPN access may be necessary to avoid further restrictions.

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