Les bonus exclusifs pour les parieurs français chez les bookmakers en dehors de l’ARJEL

What Are the Exclusive Bonuses for French Bettors at Bookmakers Outside ARJEL?

Bonuses are a big part of the overall betting experience, and in many cases, they determine where people decide to bet. For French bettors, betting at bookmakers outside of ARJEL can bring exclusive bonuses that may even make their time more rewarding.

What Is ARJEL?

ARJEL is the regulatory body for online gaming in France. It licenses and oversees gambling operators for online sports betting, online horse racing and online poker. All online gambling activities have to comply with ARJEL’s rules and regulations in order to offer their services.

Bonuses Outside ARJEL

Since the bookmakers outside of ARJEL are not regulated by the body, they are able to offer exclusive bonuses to French bettors. Some of these bonuses include:

  • Higher Betting Limits: Outside of ARJEL, bookmakers can offer French customers higher betting limits than those regulated by the body.
  • Loyalty Programs: Bookmakers not regulated by ARJEL can provide loyalty programs tailored specifically for their French customers.
  • Special Promotions: Bookmakers outside of ARJEL may offer French bettors special promotions and bonuses that are unavailable elsewhere.
  • Better Odds: Bookmakers that are not regulated by ARJEL may offer better odds to French bettors than those offered in-country.


Bettors in France can enjoy the exclusive bonuses offered by bookmakers outside of ARJEL. With higher betting limits, loyalty programs, promotions, and better odds, French bettors can make the most of their time with these bookmakers.

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